Migdal Besamim – Havdalah Spice Box Tower


Celebrating the art of the traditional spice box used in the Havdalah ceremony.

32 x 84 cm / 13 x 33″ 

I have always been inspired and enthralled with the art of the traditional spice box used in the Havdalah (taking leave of the Sabbath) ceremony. A beautiful example of Hiddur Mitzvah (beautification of a Divine Commandment), it arouses a tranquil and peaceful mood from having just finished the Sabbath. 

 The original Hebrew calligraphy is reproduced using the Giclee fine art printing process. The papercut spice box is crafted as a lasercut reproduction of the original hand-made papercut. Hand-painted gold gouache and hand-made colored background paper complete the piece.

Original Artwork created with: Papercutting, Calligraphy and 24 kt Gold Leaf on paper. Hand-made colored backing paper.

Size of Original Artwork: 34 x 83 cm / 14” x 33”

Date Original Artwork Created: 2005

Original Artwork Available for Purchase: Available. Please be in touch with us for price and details.

Artwork Available as Limited-Edition Lasercut Giclee Print Reproduction: Yes

Each Size Edition Limited to 180 pieces

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