Chupot Ketubah


The ten beautiful Chupot (Wedding Canopies) contained in this piece correspond to the ten Chupot that G-d created for Adam and Chavah in Gan Eden (Bava Bathra 75a). 

The ten beautiful Chupot (Wedding Canopies) contained in this piece correspond to the ten Chupot that G-d created for Adam and Chavah in Gan Eden (Bava Bathra 75a). 

In addition, the last of the Shevah Brachot speaks of the tremendous simchah the couple will have through the creation of their new home together. This is expressed through ten synonyms of joy, which uniquely correspond to the Ten Utterances through which HaKadosh Baruch Hu created the world. (Zohar 1:265a) The Brachah goes on to say that the joy should be heard “…in the cities of Yehudah and the streets of Yerushalayim…”.

Therefore, I was inspired to place ten Chupot in and amongst Yerushalayim, thereby linking all the elements together and underlining the foundational relationship of husband and wife with Hashem Yitborach. 

The state-of-the-art Giclee print process is combined with hand-applied gold gouache to give the piece a true fine art appearance and feel. In addition, the edges of the paper are hand-torn, creating a beautiful and unique deckle effect. Each Ketubah is elegantly enclosed within a thick paper folder surrounded by a clear plastic protective sleeve. 

Ketubah Text Details and Ordering Process: The Ketubah is the foundational document of a Jewish wedding and marriage. The Nusach, or text, is prepared with details specific for each bride and groom. 

As such, Ketubot are available in two options: 

Pre-Printed – Text is pre-printed with blank spaces to allow the officiating Rabbi to fill in the details by hand. 

Custom Printed – Text is specially prepared with all details and custom printed. 

Special orders of all Traditional texts are available and can be prepared and custom printed as well. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to answer all questions and explain the brief process.

Original Artwork created with: Watercolor on paper

Size of Original Artwork: 50 x 72 cm / 20” x 28”

Date Original Artwork Created: 2005

Original Artwork without Text Available for Purchase: Available

Price: $2000 

With hand-calligraphy text: $2750

Artwork Available as Limited-Edition Giclee Print Reproduction: Yes

Each Size Edition Limited to 180 pieces

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