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Banei, Chayei u’Mezonei – “Children, Health and Sustenance”

Blessings and Prayers to The Creator – both verbally participatory and thoughtfully contemplative – spanning the range of Jewish existence.

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Ki MiTzion Teitzei Torah – “For from Zion shall go forth The Torah…”

Works that passionately illuminate Divine ideas, concepts and expressions found throughout the Torah.

Land of Israel

Kedushat HaAretz – “Holiness of the Land”

Travel the breadth of the Holy Land and be inspired in the wonder and majesty that G-d imbued in it and gave to us as a precious inheritance.

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Jewish Life

L’Chaim u’l’Vracha – “To life together with blessing”

Vivid visions of mosaics representing the color, warmth and feel of Jewish Life. Experiences passed down from generation to generation.

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Va’yafutzu Ma’ayanotecha Chutzah – “May your wellsprings overflow outward…”

Journey along the paths of the Chassidic Masters and absorb the treasures and gifts they reveal in us through our Service to The Almighty.


Binyan Adei Ad – “To build an everlasting home…”

Celebrate the joy of a new Jewish home with a Ketubah crafted in the ancient tradition of adding artistic illumination to surround the Aramaic text. Ketubah, literally meaning “that which is written”, is the foundational document and a pillar of the Jewish wedding and marriage.