Moshe Braun Fine Judaic Art

Moshe Braun
Fine Judaic Art

When Moshe Braun paints a picture of the Land of Israel, he reveals its character through light and color; when he creates a papercut, he gives life to the possibilities of structure and dimension, intertwining artistic precision with Jewish tradition.

Some people enter Moshe’s studio knowing exactly what they want; most come in search of the unique, wanting to be surprised by Moshe’s ingenuity and creative vision. It is a testament to Moshe’s artistry that his work appeals to individuals and corporations across the spectrum of human experience. His is not art for the casual shopper, but ageless works for the sophisticated collector. Moshe’s work has appeared in some of the finest art and Judaica collections across the world.

Moshe studied art at the University of Michigan, earning a BFA concentrating in Industrial Design. After studying intensively in Yeshivot, both in the USA and Israel, Moshe trained and became a Sofer Musmach of the Vaad Mishmeret STaM of Jerusalem.

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