Hevron – Ma’arat HaMachpelah


Sketched on location, this piece aims to express our fundamental connections to the Holy site.

Working from sketches drawn on location, “Hevron – Ma’arat HaMachpelah” was painted over two years. Part of a larger departure and push for new expressionist work, this piece aims to express our fundamental connections to the Holy site.

The sunrise in the piece is connected to the Mishna in Tractate Tamid, in which the priests are asked whether the first light of the day is visible all the way to Hevron, in order to begin the daily offering in the Holy Temple. The Jerusalem Talmud points out that everyone agrees that the reference in the Mishna was specifically to Hevron because they wanted to invoke the city where the forefathers of the Jewish people are buried.

The blues, purples and pinks I use in the piece are those of the palate I call “healing colors”. To me, they represent hope and looking forward to the future. Upon leaving this site, rich with connection to our forefathers and mothers, I feel at ease. Confident that out of reverence for our “grandparents” resting there, G-d hears all the prayers of the Jewish people.

The lively mixes of greens, yellows, oranges, and reds represent the joy of seeing a dear friend. “Hevron” is related to the word “Chibur”, or “connection”, and thus to the word “Chaver”, meaning “friend”. When I go to Hevron, I strengthen my connection to a precious circle of friends, Am Yisrael, the Jewish Nation.

In addition, I chose to make the ground awash with rapturous color, as befitting the location where there is an entrance to the Garden of Eden.

For me, the pivotal combination of these elements generates increased connection, appreciation, happiness and excitement of life.

Original artwork created with oil on canvas.

Each edition size limited to 180 pieces

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