Tefillat L’Yoshvei Eretz Yisrael Ketubah


Enjoy the same artwork as the classically illuminated Tefillat L’Yoshvei Eretz Yisrael print. Please see full description, ordering details and video below. 

Original artwork created with watercolor, papercutting, gold gouache and calligraphy on paper. 

Enjoy the same artwork as the classically illuminated Tefillah L’Yoshvei Eretz Yisrael print. Soft colors highlight a watercolor artistic montage of the Holy City in the spirit of the present with an eye on the future. 

Each Ketubah comes with a heavy paper presentation cover and clear plastic resealable slip envelope. 

Each edition size limited to 180 pieces

Ketubah Text Details and Ordering Process: The Ketubah is the foundational document of a Jewish wedding and marriage. The Nusach, or text, is prepared with details specific for each bride and groom. Therefore, Ketubot are available in two options: 

Option #1 – 

Text is pre-printed with blank spaces to allow the officiating Rabbi to fill in the details by hand. 

Option #2 – 

Text is prepared with all specific details and custom printed. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to answer all questions and explain the brief process. 

In addition, special orders of all Traditional texts are available and can be prepared and custom printed as well. 

See FAQ to learn more about canvas and paper prints, framing, and shipping.

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