Birkat Kohanim


Expressing the richness of when the physical becomes imbued with the spiritual – the hallmark of the Holy Temple and its services. Sefer Bamidbar – Book of Numbers, Chapter 6, Verses 24-26

Print and Papercut artwork before framing 35 x 46 cm / 14″ x 18″

Beginning in the form of a papercut, the words “Kohanim, Your consecrated people, as it is said…”, fill the upper portion of the piece together with the special positioning of the hands unique to the Kohanim. Continuing in black calligraphy, the text of the Priestly Blessing is framed within the blue-purple marble architecture of the Holy Temple. Immediately below is a painting of the Choshen (Breastplate), one of the eight unique and holy garments worn by the High Priest. Below that, ensconced within arches of the structure, are different Keilim (implements) that are used in the Temple such as the Menorah Lamp, Golden Table of the Showbread, Incense Container, Golden Shovel and the Golden Altar, all in the form of a painting and papercut. Surrounding the Temple is a painted and papercut vine of additional elements of the Holy Temple. Pictured amongst them are pomegranates and golden bells, which were fastened to the bottom of the robe-like Miel, a garment of the Kohen Gadol. Silver trumpets, Shofrot and the special golden water flasks were all used in the Temple service as well. And the images of the lion and the eagle were fashioned onto the curtain that hung in the Sanctuary of the Temple. 

The blue background represents the Teichelet sky blue color of the robe-like Miel garment of the High Priest. The colored background paper is spaced back from the artwork to give the papercut a rich shadow effect. Gold gouache is hand-applied on many elements throughout the piece to give a textured luminous effect.

Original artwork created with watercolor, calligraphy, papercutting and gold gouache on paper.

Each edition size limited to 180 pieces

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