A "Behind the Scenes" look at the world of a Sofer STaM

Have you ever wondered how a Torah Scroll is created? How every single letter written on the parchment is done in such a precise way? What are inside a pair of Tefillin and what does it take to create them? What is the significance to Mezzuzah and how are they written? What does it take to be a Sofer STaM (scribe) and how is it done? What is the significance to the initials STaM? This is what the Studio Tour is all about. Journey to Moshe Braunís studio and take a "Behind the Scenes" tour and learn all about the fascinating world of Sofrut (scribal arts).

The Studio Tour is a natural outgrowth of years of interaction with people yearning to understand the answers to the above. It is with pleasure that Moshe is now opening the studio tour to the public.

Participants will be treated to in-depth explanations and demonstrations on how Torah Scrolls, Tefillin, Mezzuzot and Megillot are created. Differences between Ashkenazic and Sefardic writing styles will be shown. How the Sirtut, lines on the parchment, are made. How a Sofer fashions a feather pen. See a demonstration on how a Sofer writes on actual parchment and get a chance to try it yourself, and much more!

Details and Costs

Tour is appropriate for ages five and up. Perfect for individuals, families, school or camp groups and small groups. Ideal for pre-Bar Mitzvah family trips to Israel.

Tours are approximately two hours in length and must be scheduled in advance either by telephone or email.

Really like the idea but can't make it to the studio? Option available to schedule a "Remote Tour", where presentation can be brought to your location, hotel, etc.

Want to explore more? Options exist to customize your tour with a focus in a particular area, including:

  • Calligraphy Workshop and/or
  • Papercutting Workshop

Please be in touch either by phone or email for scheduling and pricing.

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