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"And Yitzchak went out to converse
in the field towards evening..."
(Genesis 24:63)

Vayeitzei Yitzchak
Limited-Edition Giclee Print with Papercut Hebrew Text

18 x 22 inches (46 x 56cm) Unframed
$210 Unframed, $330 Framed

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Artist's Description:

On this pasuk (verse) the Talmud in Tractate Berachot 26b comments: "It is not conversation (or supplication), rather 'Tefilah'."

How do we understand the word "Tefilah"? Translated from Hebrew, it is a description of becoming close to G-d. "Prayer", as is commonly known in English, is generally defined as supplication. We entreat of G-d on our or someone else's behalf.

While that is a vital component of the relationship we are to have with G-d, the more fundamental aspect of the relationship is one of "Tefilah", bringing ourselves closer to G-d.

This is significant because our chosen pasuk is the source for the Mincha (afternoon) service we recite today.

And now, a technical note about the completion of the piece. The original pastel artwork and English calligraphy are reproduced using the Giclee fine art printing process. Adding to the uniqueness of the work the Hebrew text is crafted as a lasercut reproduction of an original hand executed papercut. Below the Hebrew text lies a mini-painting also reproduced by using the Giclee process. Hand-torn edges provide an original deckled appearance when placed on the colored background paper.
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