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"Please help me to cherish Eretz Yisrael
with all my heart, at all times,
and at every moment."

Tefillah L'Yishuv Eretz Yisrael
(Prayer for Living in the Land of Israel)
Limited-Edition Giclee Print

18 x 24 inches (45 x 61cm) - Unframed
$275 Unframed

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Artist's Description:

A beautiful and moving prayer, it is attributed to Tzaddok HaRofeh, likely referring to the 12th century sage of Damascus and author of the work Bigdei Yesha (Hebrew).
Original artwork created as a commissioned piece with watercolor, papercutting, gold gouache and calligraphy on paper. Soft colors highlight a watercolor artistic montage of the Holy City in the spirit of the present with an eye on the future.

The collector graciously gave permission to the artist to reproduce the work in the form of a Giclee print reproduction.

Edition size is limited to 180 pieces.

Each piece comes with English Translation along with certificate of authenticity of Giclee print technique.
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