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"It was taught: R. Yose says, 'One day, while traveling on
the road, I entered one of the ruins of Jerusalem to pray...'"
(Talmud Tractate Brachot 3a)

Tanya Amar Rebbi Yossi
Limited-Edition Giclee Print with Papercut Hebrew Text

15 x 29 inches (38 x 74cm) Unframed
$210 Unframed, $360 Framed

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Artist's Description:

Painted on location, the site is a ruin along the "Hebron Road" leading out Hebron, through Beit Lechem (Bethlehem)and towards Jerusalem.

The Talmud explains that it was Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who each instituted the morning, afternoon and evening prayer services respectively. All three of our forefathers are buried in Hebron, symbolically representing here the origin of prayer. Additionally, Jewish sources teach that every prayer from any part of the globe first goes to Jerusalem and then upwards to the heavens, thus completing the travel of prayer from Hebron to Jerusalem.

And now, a technical note about the piece. The original watercolor and charcoal artwork and English calligraphy are reproduced using the Giclee fine art printing process. Adding to the uniqueness of the work the Hebrew text is crafted as a lasercut reproduction of an original hand executed papercut. Underneath the Hebrew text lies a mini-painting also reproduced by using the Giclee process. The edges, colored background paper and assembly are finished by hand.
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