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"...Gather our exiles and gather us together
from the four corners of the earth..."

T'ka B'Shofar Gadol (Sound the Great Shofar)
Limited-Edition Giclee Print

18 x 25 inches (45 x 63cm) - Unframed
$275 Unframed

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Artist's Description:

Hope... yearning... for thousands of years we have been awaiting the arrival of Moshiach (the Messiah). Each weekday we recite this prayer in the Shmoneh Esrei (Silent Amidah), beseeching G-d and hopeful that the ingathering of the exiles will happen speedily in our days. We look forward to hearing the sound of the great shofar, may it be soon. Amen.

Reproduced from the original watercolor artwork in the form of a Giclee print reproduction.

Edition size is limited to 180 pieces.

Each piece comes with certificate of authenticity of Giclee print technique.
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