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"Praise Hashem, O Jerusalem,
exalt your G-d, O Zion..."
(Psalm 147:12)

Shabchi Yerushalayim
Limited-Edition Giclee Print with Papercut Hebrew Text

18 x 22 inches (46 x 56cm) Unframed
$210 Unframed, $330 Framed

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Artist's Description:

The beauty of Jerusalem naturally causes an awakening within oneself towards the Divine Presence.

Pictured in the artwork is a large ancient pool located in the center of Jerusalem. The pool was used as a water storage facility for the needs of the Beit HaMikdash (Holy Temple). The Korbanot (Ritual Offerings to G-d) were performed in the Beit HaMikdash which was the ultimate expression of exaltation by the Jewish Nation to G-d.

And now, a technical note about the piece. The original watercolor artwork and English calligraphy are reproduced using the Giclee fine art printing process. Adding to the uniqueness of the work the Hebrew text is crafted as a lasercut reproduction of an original hand executed papercut. Underneath the Hebrew text lies a mini-painting also reproduced by using the Giclee process. The edges, colored background paper and assembly are finished by hand.
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